We are currently upgrading our Bedrooms & Shower Rooms. Keep an eye out for our updates coming soon !! Re-opening March 2020

Suppliers and Links

Tiny Neary Butchers - http://www.davidnewtoninteractive.co.uk/neary/index.htm - Local Farm Produce & Butchery

Henshelwoods - www.deliyork.co.uk - Fresh Flavours..... Fine Food

Sheilas Fruit & Veg - www.sheilas321.co.uk - Keeping it local, fresh & plastic free

Johnsons of Terrington - www.johnsonsfreshfarmeggs.co.uk - We strive to produce what the great outdoors has to offer

Shambles Market: www.shamblesmarket.com - Street Food, fresh produce, unique crafts and essential merchandise.

H2k of Harrogate: www.h2kskincare.com - Luxury toiletries and skincare products

Yorkshire True Tours: www.yorkshirestruetours.com - Professional and fully accredited Tours Guides

Bloody Tour of York - www.thebloodytourofyork.co.uk - Visit England Tourism Superstar   

Philip C Hyuton Dairyman - www.zupermar.com/GB/York/282619155441093/Philip-C-Huyton-Dairyman - Free range Milk in GLass Bottles delivered to your doorstep

Bracken Hill Fine Foods - www.brackenhillfinefoods.co.uk - Award Winning Yorkshire Preserves

York Registry Office - www.registerofficenearme.com/listing/york-register-office/