No. 21 York scores 100% for their Breakfast

No. 21 York achieved a perfect 100% grading for our Breakfast 

Feedback from our MysteryShopper was:-

When we arrived for breakfast there were six other customers already seated in the spacious dining
room. The aroma of freshly baked bread was the first thing I notice as entered. The room was well set
out and provided guests with easy and free movement between chairs and tables. The tables were set
for guests with cutlery and good quality napkins, and seating was comfortable.
Almost as soon as we selected a table, we were approached by Andrea who asked if we had a
comfortable night's sleep. I confirmed that I did indeed sleep well. Andrea then explained the options
available for breakfast. These included fresh bread, a selection of locally produced jams and a good
range of cereals which included their own homemade muesli. My wife said this was exceptional quality.
Fruit juices, fresh fruit salad, crumpets and muffins were also available. A large menu board provided
information on the main breakfast choices which included a Full Yorkshire breakfast consisting of, dry
cured back bacon, Cumberland sausage, black pudding, vine or cherry tomatoes, flat-cap mushrooms,
home-made hash browns, baked beans, and fried, poached, scrambled or boiled eggs. As an
alternative, there was an option for an American-style breakfast which included a range of homemade
pancakes in a variety of fillings including blueberries and bananas, or for those who had difficulty
selecting which one to try the offer of a blueberry and banana pancake was provided.
After placing my order, which in my case was the Traditional Yorkshire breakfast, Andrea ensured that
my preferences for hard or soft yoked eggs and crispy of soft bacon was catered for. Andrea then took
my order for tea or coffee and then invited me to serve myself from the selection of starters that were
available. My breakfast arrived approximately twenty minutes after my order was taken. The food was
well presented and fresh, good quality and piping hot. The added touch of a sprinkling of fresh herbs
over the meal added an extra dimension to what was already an excellent breakfast experience.
Simon approached me during the meal to ask if I required any further coffee and asked if the breakfast
was to my liking. I informed him that it had been excellent and a conversation then took place regarding
their suppliers who, he informed me, were all local. Simon said they had an excellent relationship with
their suppliers who ensured they were supplied with the best that Yorkshire had to offer.
The breakfast experience was exceptional in the quality of the food and the high level of service
provided by my hosts. Both Andrea and Simon were properly groomed and wore t-shirts with the
business name embroidered on them.

One link on No. 21@s website I thought was excellent was the one that directed me to information about the suppliers of
goods to No. 21 and direct links to each individual business. This demonstrated a strong culture of
support for local businesses.