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Today is the day that Hospitality Owners all over the world are standing together and spreading the word about #BookDirect

�Here is where we need your help 💪

Did you know that every time you book your stay with us via any of the Online Travel Agents, we have to pay a significant portion of your Rate in commission costs? 😱

These Online Booking Agents are smart because they heavily market on the fact that you get the BEST RATES and BEST INCENTIVES when you book via their website....... But did you know that it’s FALSE !?! 🤔🤔

Here at No. 21 York, Andrea and Simon promise that when you book your stay with us directly, you will get the best possible rate available, saving you more in the long run that any of the Online Booking Agents can offer you.

Furthermore, if you book direct with any independent Bed & Breakfast or Accommodation Provider we know that they will also offer you a better rate and you be able talk to people who are passionate about their business & your stay.

So please take the extra two minutes once you have selected where you want to stay to call us, visit our websites or click on the "Book Now" button on our FaceBook Page for the best possible deal.

Benefits to our Guests include:-

A) A better deal
B) Personalised Service
C) Secure Payment & GDPR compliance
D) Greater flexibility on your booking
E) Better Terms & Conditions
F) Local knowledge & suggestions
G) No Add On Charges
H) Did we mention "A Better Deal" 😉

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We appreciate the help and the support

Thank you ❤️